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pariaman one of [the] city that reside in field regency pariaman, west sumatra, precisely at coast beach (indies sea) borthside field city. pariaman, mean “daerah aman”, has vast area 73,36 kilometer square. at this region is there a custom party that is called with tabuik. word tabuik that come from arabian language can has several explanations. first, tabuik interpretted as ‘keranda’ or ‘peti mati’. while, other explanation says that tabuik mean mozes prophet survival heritage case that used to keep agreement draft Bani Israely with Allah.

Celebration Tabuik that conducted every 1--10 muharam a ceremony to commemorate to died it Husein (prophet grandchild Muhammad may Allah bless him and give him peace) in 61 hijriah that coincided with 680 bc. big prophet grandchild muhammad this is cutted off the head by army muawiyah in action karbala at field karbala, iraq. death bemoaned by class syiah in the east middle by hurt their body self. final tradition recalls grandchild death rasulul scattered to amount of country by that vary. in indonesia, besides at pariaman, ritual recall event also held at bengkulu. in celebration commemorates to pass away it husein bin ali, tabuik symbolize promise muawiyah to extradite stick kekhalifahan to islam people, after he dieds. but, that promise is obvious breacheds with lift jasid (the child) as putera crown.
Versions tabuik. There are some version hits celebration genealogy tabuik at pariaman. first version says that tabuik brought by current arabian ones syiah that to sumatra island to trade. while, version other (taken from note snouck hurgronje), say that tradition tabuik step into indonesia passes two waves. first wave around century 14 m, when does story muhammad translated to malay. pass book that's ritual tabuik studied child nagari. while, second wave tabuik is brought by nation cipei/sepoy (islam follower syiah) that led by degree moslem leader ali. nation cipei/sepoy this come indian by english is made when dominate soldier (to take to displace) bengkulu from dutch hand (treaty london, 1824). ones cipei/sepoy this is every year always hold ritual to commemorate to died it husein. finally ritual this followed also by society exist in bengkulu and spread up to to panian, field, pariaman, maninjau, pidi, banda acheh, melauboh and singkil. in development next, ritual that is singly lost from regions and final only live in two places that is bengkulu with the title tabot and pariaman with the title tabuik. at pariaman, initially tabuik conducted by child nagari in the form of tabuik custom. but, along with that tourist quantity to watching it, in the year 1974 managements tabuik taken to displace by local local government and made tabuik tour.

Party tabuik
before custom ceremony tabuik carried out, done maker tabuik at two places, that is at market (tabuik market) and subarang (tabuik subarang). second place separated by river stream that split city pariaman. formerly, during go on it party tabuik always followed with fight between member from market region and subarang. even, there are some husband and wife pair that separate and each return to region originally at subarang and market. after ceremony tabuik end, husband and wife return to gather in one house. although mortally wounded victim in fight, but when is programme end they ally return, so that atmosphere returns at first (calm and peace).

Tabuik that made by second this place consists of two parts (on and under) height can achieve 12 meters. part on that represent tower formed bier that is decorated with flower and motley velvet cloth. while, part under formed horse body, winged, tailed and berkepala human. part under this represent bird form buraq trusted bring moslem leader hosein to sky looks authority. second this part later be unified by part on be carried according to will go to be unified with part under. . afterwards, successive installed wing, tail, flowers salapan and latest head. for spirit increase pengusung tabuik usually escorted with drum music tasa.

drum tasa term for drum player group that number seven person. they have a duty to escort unification programme tabuik (tabuik rise rank). this drum is there two kinds. first kind is called tasa mendiang. this type of made from clay that cultivated in such a manner, then dehydrated. tasa mendiang this must be heated before perfominged. second drum kind made plastical or fiber and can direct be perfominged. as note, during the long party 10 days there shows other, like: mysticism parade, pengajian that involve mothers and place pupils pengajian al koran (tpa) and madrasah se-kota pariaman, band drum group, tari-tarian, music gambus,  and even attraction debus special pariaman.

after unification tabuik finished (approach midday), second tabuik that be personifikasi from two troops that will wage war to displayed face to face. as note, in custom party programme tabuik the long around 10 days (1--10 muharam), there are some stage that must be passed, that is: (1) maker tabuik; (2) tabuik get promotion (to merger every part tabuik); (3) maambiak soil (takes soil that done at the (time) of summons to prayer magrib). soil taking contain symbolic meaning that human comes from soil. after taken, soil a while ago mengarak by hundreds person and final kept in daraga that measure 3x3 meter, then bandaged with white cloth. then, put in case nameds tabuik; (4) maambiak banana stick (takes banana stick and embedded near cemetery); (5) maarak panja/finger (mengarak panja village around faked radius containing). maarak panja be notification mirroring to follower husein that hand radius husein that die killed found; (6) maarak turban (has brought turban has goed to indicate that husein cutted off;  and (7) throw away tabuik (bring tabuik to coast and throwed away to sea).

after time ashar, in the middle of hundreds thousands person, second tabuik that is mengarak city around pariaman. each tabuik brought by eight mans. approach twilight, second tabuik confronted to return at coast gandoriah. second meeting tabuik at coast gondariah this is top programme from ceremony tabuik, because not long afterwards both be telled on (as within reason war at karbala). approach second sunset tabuik is throwed away to sea.

exile procession tabuik to sea is a society agreement form to throw away every quarrel and disagreement delivers them. besides, exile tabuik also symbolize bangnya buraq that bring body husein to heaven. (ali gufron)

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