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Martial Art from West Sumatra,Indonesia


Silek is name minangkabau martial art other place known with Silat. system matrilineal that professed to make man child after aqil must live in prayer-house and kunfu one of [the] base important education that must be studied by man child beside islamic religion education. silek be important element in tradition and society custom minangkabau that be ekspersi ethnic minang.

silek in every life everyday and appear as important element in folklore, legend, proverb and tongue tradition at minangkabau. there many current kinds martial silek at west sumatra and can categories in eleven currents silek a success be collected file among others:

silek kumanggo
silek lintau
silek tuo
silek sitaralak
silek tiger
silek pauh
silek river patai
silek luncua
silek gulo gulo tareh
silek new
silek ulu ambek

Hiltrud Cordes says, only ten first that can diversified as current martial silek but silek Ulu Ambek many found in beach pariaman.

kind martial silek on found in many place at west sumatra although many kinds other localer may even exist only found in a village and for the things latest this is correcter likely to called institution silek than current mostly call current silek by the name of current origin village silek that come and not associated their self wrongly one current on, even several call self by the name of unique like harimau lalok, gajah badorong, kuciang bagaluik or puti bathe.

practice method silek
silek usually done on place that called target, a opened place or empty and vast close to teacher house silek. practice martial silek carried out at the (time) of approach evening after sholat magrib (moslem prayers) and go on during 2-3 clock although sometimes until midnight. practice martial silek also done with illumination like moonlight, torch or soil oil lamp. this matter is done to train sight sharpness and also as intuition practice. sometimes practice silek this also attended by village moslem priest and escorted by song, talempong and or saluang. clothes silek galembong (black trousers), taluak balango and destar (cover of head).

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