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wind blows at Agam regency. cool air even also touches body fully softness. meanwhile natural beauty more feels when does mount fame rigid outspre at regency area Lubung basung, enchantment full outspre. as region lay in strategic position in west sumatra province area, many keep various potential natural beauty and culture, natural and freshly, with art activity and unique culture and interesting to be one other can be maked even less be supported by society culture friendly.

subsidize tour and travel at Agam regency besides be found the nature beauty can not fall into oblivion memories that belong inside, people industry and result various group has tradisional industry that stills to wear hand made embroidery textile good handmade, embroidery, clever iron, silver, gold tidyly and the beautiful doesn't play according to heredityly done by child nagari.

overall tour object can be reached with transportation network for ease achieve visit, so that on the way tour aim region will be met the nature condition, (mount, hill, valley, plain and lake with coast), at support also by the tune utilization that can creat so much nature views very beautiful and very easy found and seen from principal highway that is passed by.

in this time, tour object at most visited domestic tourist also foreign countries top lawang that reside in on height â± 1.210 m on sea level. in dutch colonial period. top lawang made as resort for class dutch moment that. from here we can enjoy lake area maninjau and also samudra indonesia.

and caused the place that reside in on height with the scenery so beauty, so in this time top area lawang developed as location take off sky sport paralayang (paragliding). while flying free on the air and approach land at bayur, lake edge maninjau, from the air we can enjoy lake beauty maninjau not two at this world.

for the man who like challenge and crosscountry ambulatory foot descend slope aim lake maninjau or across protected forest to Embun Pagi tour object or return
to hotel. and our tour is less complete if not yet tries to enjoy lake beauty maninjau from the air with fly tandem use paralayang (paragliding) with local aviators skilled.

not far from top lawang, you also can enjoy beautiful viewers from Embun Pagi. here, as according to the name, the atmosphere always like us reside in morning. cool and pleasant. Embun Pagi tour object, situated not how does far from lake Maninjau tour object and also present in height around â± 1.000 m from sea level,  and give freedom in you to fly opinion enjoys vinicity natural beauty.

from this Embun Pagi, when do you go down to aim lake maninjau with individual vehicle or general bus, so you will pass by crook area Ampek Puluah Ampek. approach reach under, you will see various kind souvenir will like hat from pandanus plait, bag kampia, necklace collection, bracelet from bone with plants creep pumpkin fruit for medicine all at once can be made cake.

this area is given crook name Ampek Puluah Ampek, in the indonesian language mean 44 bend, because really approach we reach lake maninjau, we shall pass blind turning as much as 44 times. in every that sharp bend, always given sign what bend whom we have passed,  and all that bends numbers 44.

so you reach under, so you will be greeted a junction. when turn to left, so you can go to pay a visit to house births Buya Hamka at Batang river, precisely at village Muaro Pauh. at a simple house 1908 or 1325 hijriah that's hamka born. now that historical building laided as house museum has birthed buya hamka. when turn to right, you can aim Lubuk Basung.

besides tour places above, not complete likely if you don't visit a pool that has water with this three tastes, that is sweet, sour and bitter. this tour place is known by the name of Aia Tigo Raso (Three Taste of Water). this reservoir tigo raso located in city Malintang, believed has mysterious strength by local society. society trust that the water can cure assorted skin disease. and prima facie, this water be believed can make you ageless. when do you have willing for ageless permanent, there is nothing wrong to try....heheheee..^0^

sumber  :      http://www.fandelind.tk

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