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A researcher from Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, United America, Jennifer Fraser, B. A. (hons) MA evaluate, tradisional music minangkabau `talempong` at villages not static but more bloom.

“who want to defend status tardisional exactly academic circle, executive, cultural observer with a view to continue history idealist imagination minangkabau, ” word Jennifer candidate PhD University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, at Padang, tuesday.

speak in international meeting “budaya minangkabau in era multikultur and globalisasi” with the thesis plan have a title “tranformasi talempong: culture policies and aesthetics, ” he says, talempong village not only eksis in history description,  but permanent eksis in present day.

talempong that his research its special talempong unggan and talempong village. talempong is tradisional castanets minangkabau there made from steel and there also from wood and stone.

talempong this round formed in part under it hollow while in part on it found circle that juts five centimetres as gamut place (vary)s.

music talempong will sound if striken by a pair wood.

music talempong village inclined transformed by society self and sometimes join in to influenced government, even pass local cassetes.

on the contrary birth talempong creation, word jennifer, bot at all related to globalization word but modernization word and culture reformation that demand new form with element that can be discriminated as tradisional and modern.

“even the process can same but the result different and important studied change dimension that in local level. ironically, although very modern initially, but such talempong creation comes up very strong and joint forces with good with culture policies hegemonis so that often known with folk art, ” he said.

farther he says, since year 60-an, several styles talempong still eksis until now, good talempong village and talempong the appearance creation stills there but to a part society stills differ.

culture, word jennifer because as process from product, so change always come temporary human and the tradition always repotition follow new influence. but stop this fact same means to nullify culture belongs dinamic musics.

“And then concern revitalisasi clear give impression that tradition must alive and new with soul ke-Minangan that in the process, ” he said.

he adds, with indonesia acknowledgement country multikultur more increase, also admitted difference in a society.

sumber  :  http://www.fandelind.tk

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